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With shows all over the world, below is our record for Joel Bass' shows from 1969 to 1986. Each show is said to have sold out, however, Bass reserved a piece from each show for his own collection.

1969 Michael Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1970 Michael Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1972 Nicholas Wilder Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Walls Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1973 Cusack Gallery, Houston, Texas

John Bergruen Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1974 John Doyle Gallery, Chicago, IL

Michael Walls Gallery, New York, NY

1975 John Doyle Gallery, Paris, France

1976 Galerie Marguerite Lamy, Paris, France

1977 Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York, NY

1978 Janus Gallery, Venice, CA

1980 Janus Gallery, Venice, CA 1982 Janus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1986 Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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