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Jefferson & Main Studio Los Angeles: 1964 - 1974

The "Artist-in-Residence" ordinance of 1980, was the work of Joel Bass, Daniel Cytron, and Joel Wachs (Former President of the Los Angeles City Council) to provide legal conversions of commercial and industrial spaces. This also included the legal upgrading of existing studios. Following this groundbreaking change, the "Live/Work" ordinance was put into place in the 1990's.

The efforts of Joel Bass and Daniel Cytron are the reason many artists in Downtown, LA can now live in their work studios. This ordinance allows conversion of DTLA commercial space into apartment lofts.

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Citizens Warehouse: Bio
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"It was all so scary living on that corner. It was the best and so much got done there."

Joel Bass DTLA

Citizens Warehouse: Quote

From left to right:

Joel Bass, Cody the Dog, Gary Lloyd, Rae Burkland, Marc Kreisel, Karen Kristen.

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